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I created a brand "HSHOFFICIAL" January of 2019. I was selling t-shirts with designs I had created on them. I knew I wanted to somehow steer away from that as it wasn't sitting right with my soul anymore.

I found an immense love for thrifting and up-cycling. I was able to add my own style into unique, one of a kind pieces. This not only helps lower our carbon footprint, but helps decrease landfill waste. 

This is when I came up with Meye Sōl. A brand that focuses on sustainability; creating handmade and up-cycled one of one pieces. All pieces as of now are sewn in my home by myself. 


This resonates more with my soul and I hope you follow me along this journey. 

Xo, Hailey Sunshine

mesh material.png


The goal of Meye Sōl is to reduce the carbon footprint. 98% of the fabric used in the pieces comes from old items in my closet, hand-me-downs, or thrifted items! Items are handmade to order to help decrease landfill waste largely created from the fast fashion industry. Since the material used is thrifted and/or offcuts, no pieces will be identical or mass produced.


Aside from that and more importantly, Meye Sōl is a safe place for expression. A safe place for all vibrational beings. You are welcome here with any and all versions of self.


Now let's vibe. 

If you have any other questions please reach out to:

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